Officiants, Musicians and Sound Technicians

Room rental rates do not include fees for the services of officiants, musicians and sound technicians. They must be negotiated separately.

Rates for Officiants/Clergy

  • Our Ministers may be available to perform services. Please contact them directly (612-377-6608):
    Rev. David Breeden, x116
    Rev. Kelli Clement, x104
  • The Senior Minister’s services for members in good standing are free of charge. However, we accept donations for the Minister’s Discretionary Fund used to assist those in need.
  • The office maintains a list of other qualified officiants affiliated with the Society.
  • These officiants are compensated by members and non-members alike.
  • Please make arrangements directly with them.
  • Outside officiants are welcome to preside over services in the building with the approval of the Senior Minister.

Rates for Musicians

  • Please contact Music Director Mike Vasich by email or at 612-377-6608 x106 to make arrangements.
  • If he is not available to play, he can refer you to other qualified musicians who are familiar with our facility and instruments.
  • Payments to officiants or musicians are to be made directly to them before or on the day of the event.
  • You may arrange for tuning of the pianos or organ at your expense; contact the Music Director.

Rates for Sound Technicians

  • If you plan to use the sound system in the Upper Assembly Hall, you must engage a qualified sound technician from a list maintained by the office.
  • The minimum fee of $125 for two hours applies to members and non-members alike, with $50 for each additional  hour.
  • The fee for an hour-long rehearsal is $50.
  • These fees are payable one month in advance of the event.